About ONOU

A Belgian guy and 2 Spanish rescue dogs exploring the world with a mission.

After 2019 travelling is far from the same as before… Time for a change in our mentality and become more conscious & involved with the places and the people we visit.

ONOU is NOT just the next #vanlife project.

ONOU is on a mission to organise & promote sustainable tourism, to support local businesses, projects & animals along our journey…

A few things you might want to know

Discover the ONOU project in full detail. What we do! Where we come from and where go next. Who is collaborating with us and who we support.


Follow us along our our daily vanlife. Have a look at our next destination. Come and say hello or join us on an experience!

our partners

These are the local partners that we colaborate with to create happy. Experts in their domain that we can trust upon. 

WHO we help

Charities, shelters and projects we help out during our journey.
Which one will you help out next time when you travel? 

our backers

The every day people that support ONOU via sponsoring, with amazing initiatives, gifts and so much more…


Creating memories that last a lifetime

Our 3 pillars

What we believe matters most when travelling

Sharing is caring

We support local businesses at the places we visit, by shopping local and by promoting their specialities and craftsmanship in our content. This way their products get more visibility.

Ibericos aro, cortes de la frontera, jamón, ibérico, tradicional
Ibericos Aro

Cortes de la Frontera

Giving back

When you are on holiday take the opportunity to donate or help out at a local charity, animal shelter, community project… 
The animals and volunteers will be very thankful.


San Roque

Be sustainable

Be careful not to litter, take a flask with you when out and about, separate your waste, don’t spill tap water. Respect nature and local regulations…
It makes a huge difference on the environment. 


Sierra Bermeja

Support us today! It really makes a difference!

The Team

We love to welcome you into our team, get in touch with us today!


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Alarm – princess – trouble maker

contact information

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