Plans have changed …  Again…

The big trip

The idea was to leave Casares on March the 21st and travel all the way up to Berlin. As we live in a world today which is ruled by COVID-19 and regulations and limitations keep on changing every other week. We realise it isn’t responsible and moreover it involves high risk to travel abroad this year. 
The ONWTO (World Tourism Organisation) has advised that international travel will not be possible as long as 70% of the population hasn’t been vaccinated…

What now?

We start our big trip, but we will stay within the Spanish borders.

WHere will you go?

We will travel up north along the Portuguese border and work our way around Spain in a snail shaped route.

What about next year

We hope we can continue our journey in 2022, as well we will be better prepared because of the experience from 2021.

How to help?

You can help us out by mailing us local projects near you that are in need of some extra hands.