ONOU who?

Discover the in & outs about the ONOU project.

ONOU Experiences

01. What does the name stand for?

ONOU is short for One N Only Unicorn

The mythological animal that makes young and old dream.

06. Creating memories

On every experience we take pictures and or a video so you can focus on enjoying the activity and have something to share back home with friends and family.

05. quality and safety

Safety is one of our main concerns during activities, the people we work with are all specialists in their domain and we prefer quality above cuantity.

02. Socio Cultural

We try to reduce the impact on nature and local communities as much as possible in order not to disturb the integrity of the environment.

03. Give back

Throughout the year we support several local associations and help out dog shelters with collections, donations etc. In 2023 we have rescued 10 dogs, chipped and vacinated them and found them a forever home.

04. Built community

We love to bring people together!

It doesn't matter what your background is or the language you speak. We believe in all inclusivity and we are lgbtq friendly!

Verdemar ecologistas

Verdemar Ecologistas en Acción is a non-profit environmental association founded in 1987 and established throughout the Campo de Gibraltar. The association arose due to the serious deterioration of the environment in the area...


Beach cleaning

Multiple times a year we organise beach cleanings in diferent municipalities along the coast. These events are supported by the local councils and they help us with logistic resources.

SOS Los Barrios Perrera

This is the dog shelter we support the most. SOS los barrios is a privately owned shelter that serves 7 municipalities! They only get funded to keep a dog for 10 days and then the animal is supposed to be put down. The amazing volunteers do everything to avoid this and they are completely depending on private donations.


Fostering & Re-homing

Long before we started the ONOU project we became fosters of many animals over the past years. When we encounter a stray animal we always try to catch the, get them checked out by a vet, get them chipped and vaccinated, foster and re-home them.

Every time you book with us put aside part of our income to help out stray animals.


Nowadays, recycling has become a subject of maximum interest for society and the economy and it is the best means we have in our hands to stop the deterioration of our planet. However, it is still one of society's pending tasks, as we are told every day; we must therefore continue to raise awareness of the damage we are doing to the ecosystem with our actions and realise that the future of our planet is in serious danger.


Art for a better world

Giving kids a big lecture about ecology isn’t what their waiting for. In our workshops we setup during events we let them express themselves through a communal art work that is themed after the subject of the event.

In this way we are able to make kids think about a subject they often don’t think about in their daily lives, also they learn to work together and work on their communication skills and community feeling.